My Personal Notebooks And Planners To Enter 2023


I use the week between Christmas and New Year`s as a "catch up and close out" week, cleaning out my office and beginning to take down all of the holiday decorations while also revisiting my notebooks and plans. During this process, I examine what worked and what didn`t, and make adjustments based on how things went the previous year. Without further ado, here is the LEVENGER’s notebook and planner selection for 2023! 

·      My Every Day Note Books:

My Everyday Notebooks, I mean notebooks that I have at my desk or in my bag at all times. The first four items on this list are pretty much always with me, with the Emily Dickinson Notebook residing full-time on my desk at home but getting daily use.

·      Ledgerdomain Journal:

Ah, the Ledgerdomain Journal , I`ve been meaning to talk about this beauty. I started using it around November, so it`s a fairly recent addition to my journal collection. First things first, the quality is top-notch. The leather cover feels so luxurious, and the cream-colored pages are a dream to write on.

What sets this journal apart is its unique design. The way it`s divided into different sections for notes, sketches, and goals is a game-changer. It helps me stay organized and focused on what I want to achieve. Plus, there`s just something so satisfying about using it. It`s become my go-to for brainstorming and tracking my progress. Can`t wait to dive deeper into it and give a full review soon!

·      Luxe Notebook:

My Luxe Notebook is my go-to for anything T.G.S. (that`s "The Great Saga," by the way). The paper quality is excellent, and the ivory pages really make my ideas stand out. It`s where I store all of my narrative drafts, character sketches, and plot outlines nicely organized. It`s like my creative haven!

Not to mention the accessories. I have a variety of gel pens, adhesive tabs, and my trusty mechanical pencil. These are my dependable sidekicks who assist me in adding color, structure, and changes to my work. I feel like a true writer as I turn the pages, constructing my epic story one word at a time.

·      Coloratura Notebook:

You know, I`m the kind of person who operates in extremes, and the Coloratura Notebook has been no exception to that. Some folks out there have been quick to label it as "overpriced" and "too small to use." But let me set the record straight, I`m convinced that some of this backlash is just folks looking for a reason to stir the pot on social media.

In my humble opinion, the Coloratura Notebook is a gem. It`s not about the size or the cost; it`s about the experience. The craftsmanship and attention to detail make it a delight to write in. Sometimes, people miss the forest for the trees, and this notebook is definitely more than the sum of its parts.

·      Luxe Leather 5-Year Journal:

I absolutely adore my Luxe Leather 5-Year Journal. It`s like a personal time machine, capturing five years of my life in one beautifully crafted book. The soft leather cover feels so luxurious in my hands, and the cream-colored pages are a joy to write on. Each day, I jot down a little something about my life, and it`s incredible to see how things change over time.

I`ve found it to be a wonderful tool for reflection and self-discovery. It`s a daily ritual I genuinely look forward to. This journal is more than just a book; it`s a journey through my own history, and I can`t wait to see where it takes me in the coming years.

·      New York Public Library Notebooks:

I recently got my hands on the New York Public Library Notebooks, and I have to say, they`re a literary lover`s dream. These notebooks are like a tribute to all things literary, and they make my writer`s heart sing. The covers are adorned with iconic images and quotes, and I can`t help but feel inspired every time I open one up.

The paper quality is fantastic, which is a must for any serious writer. It`s smooth, and my pens just glide across the pages. I also appreciate the variety in sizes, which makes them versatile for different uses. Whether I`m jotting down ideas, making lists, or just expressing my thoughts, these notebooks have quickly become my trusty companions.

Most of these notebooks don’t travel with me unless I’m working on the specific project to which they’re dedicated. They have a narrower focus, or are used more as archives/binders to hold notes for future reference. However, they still get used on a weekly basis.

Levenger journals are truly exceptional. They combine form and function, offering beautifully crafted, stylish designs with high-quality paper that makes writing a pleasure. The wide range of sizes and styles ensures there`s a perfect journal for everyone, whether you`re a prolific writer or just someone who likes to jot down occasional thoughts.

What sets Levenger journals apart is their attention to detail, from the premium leather covers to the well-thought-out layouts that cater to various needs, such as planners, notebooks, and specialty journals.

While they might be on the pricier side, the investment in a Levenger journal is worth every penny for anyone who values the writing experience. These journals have certainly earned their reputation as a top choice for those who appreciate the art of journaling and note-taking.