Terms and Conditions

If you are our site users so you’ve to encounter the following terms and conditions of use that we set carefully. You can take it like a contract between you and us that you must have to sign before going to shop otherwise you may disallow to shop with us. laptopsgeekpro is an affable and user-friendly site which is operating with some rules and regulations, these rules stuff and set scrupulously for the sake and welfare of our customers so they can shop with us conveniently and stress-free. As a handy and convenience site, we are on a mission to ensure that you are at a trusty place to shop securely and we hope that the users of our site acknowledge our instruction and other functional modules for accessing our website and get benefitted from us. Following are our terms and conditions that you must read carefully and follow to shop with us.

• We Have A Right To Change

You must habitually visit on our terms and conditions and repetitive it regularly as we have the right to change our terms and conditions without any initial notice.

• We Have A Right To Disallow You

Shop from us is easy an interesting but without making an account you can’t shop, you just need to register with us and create an account.

• You Must Provide Your Information

You are requisites to provide your authentic information like name, address and details of payment, it will also helpful to make your whole process simple and facile.

• Sign Up & Creating An Account Is Needed

As you needed to create an account for shopping you are also required to sign up and have great shopping experience.

• We Mention Delivery Date On Each Voucher

We always mention the exact delivery date on each voucher, in any case of delay or mishap we will message you. Expiry date is also clearly mention on every coupon or deal. We will provide you the replacement, if we change our coupon deal, before the expiry date.

• We Share Your Information For Delivery Purpose

We share your information for delivery purpose to our riders and vendors for better delivery but we also pledge that your information remain confidential.

• We Will Ask You To Upgrade Your Passwords

You will be frequently asked to update your password for security purpose, if you won’t take any notice we will inactivate your account without any notice as we also have this right.

• You Need To Immediately inform Us

You must inform us immediately if you feel any kind of violence like your password and accounts is using by someone else, it is against our laws we will take action against the abuse.

• We Can Cancel Your Voucher

We have the authority to cancel your voucher, coupon and deal, if we see any kind of violence against our laws.

• We Can’t Take The Responsibility Of Brand’s Inexact Information

We aren’t responsible for brand’s given information that is insufficient or inexact, also there is no guarantee of defective product.

• Receive Your Orders Within A Week

You can receive all your orders and parcel safely within 5 to 7 working days.

• We Only Accept Online Payments

We confirmed your orders once you pay or payment has been fully made. We only accept online payments.

If you are ready to make your shopping experience more interesting and worthwhile just at www.laptopsgeekpro.com , then you must agree with our terms and conditions that we made for our customer’s sake. This agreement must be read before you go to shop with us, because we set some rules on the bases of well-being of supplier and consumers.