Privacy Policy

laptopsgeekpro intended to make you his trusty costumer that’s why we are welcoming all of you at our website laptopsgeekpro, we allure our privacy policy for preserving our costumer’s interest and privations. This Privacy Policy has drawn for a purpose that clarify everything about your personal info, how your information assemble, utilize, dispense and processed, when retrieving this website or deploy other services allocated by its operator appending any written, electronic, voice communication, online or offline and buying collectedly means services, furthermore entitlement and options you associated with that information.

We have to make it ensure, that your personal data and information, for ordering your item when you sign up and place your order at cart will be safe and secure. We take full responsibility of your secure shopping until your parcel delivers and received by you at your doorstep. Our privacy policy makes certain that you are shopping in a resting place, where all your orders are in safe hand so you won't get dismay at laptopsgeekpro.

We pledge and ensure for unspecified your name and won't spoil your image, while we may use your personal data for the aspiration of market survey, layout and use for upgrading the web content and for verification purposes as we employ your private information for only approach the services and deals and for the verification of remittance and negotiations.

You’ve to be responsible for the security of your passwords and gadgets from unapproved users, otherwise we will not be responsible for such kind of any given situation. Because we already disallow any unofficial user to see your personal information, but your passwords are your responsibility. We always make our trusty customer, as we accumulate your data by assure server, for furthermore authentication we also imply the identity checks once in a while.

In any case, if you feel insecure about your personal information or feel any type of intimidate and misuse of your privacy you can direct contact our customer representative we are with you and support you. laptopsgeekpro with his team, his business assets and others assured you that your data will abide protected and defended.

Our fully attentive and awaken team is working hard and always get alert to save your personal information, in which your name, address, phone number, email id, and address are included. As we are taking the full responsibility of your parcel, incase if you encounter from any kind mishap to your order laptopsgeekpro endorse the loss. We may change this privacy policy from time to time, so if you have any questions regarding anything, feel free to ask us anything with us we will answer your call whenever you need.