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A picture worth more than we think it can change our understanding and change the rules, and this would not be wronged if we say that a picture can rules the world when it captured through MPB`s camera, it can provoke and can change history. Now you can get access to the world of memories where you can relive in them just at MPB, that proffer you the widest range of quality cameras and video equipment. In 2011, MPB stablished by Matt Barker, it was a time when photography and videography was going to turn into a new term, where MPB changed the way of buying, trading, selling and gave them a new meaning, since then MPB is passionate and has always been committed to making kit more approachable and affordable for everyone, it always strive to help for visualizing a more sustainable future. For this purpose it reproduce nearly 300,000+ items of used kit per year and by this way it is elongating the life and creative potential of photo and video equipment for creators all over the world. MPB that Headquartered in the creative communities of Brighton, Brooklyn and Berlin, has the team included trained camera experts and seasoned photographers and videographers. These experts aren`t only expert in photography or video making but are also expert for bringing their passion to work every day for delivering outstanding service. MPB is a careful platform that is passionate to embrace their customer’s needs, as they offers quality in low prices. Every piece of kit is inspected carefully by his product specialists, you can access to the products with a six-month warranty and can buy without any worry, as it is on a mission to give his customers contentment so they will be satisfy whatever they buy and believed that, the products are reliable and with the pledging of sustainability.

New For You

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Now you can explore the far-reaching range of quality, finest range of cameras, lenses and other used equipment that covers approximately more than 20,000 products and have the ability to create memories that are perfect for making memories. Whether you are passionate about photography or a videography, embrace your passion and be successful just at MPB as it offers the wide range of cameras, that covers Used Digital SLR Cameras, Used Lenses, Used Mirrorless Cameras, Used Flashguns, Used Video Cameras, Used Action Cameras, Used Digital Medium Format Cameras, Used Digital Rangefinder Cameras and Used Photo & Video Accessories and much more. You’ll get access to exclusive offers, creative news and original content once you become the part of MPB so you can discover whatever you want to wish. Not only this, MPB has something new for you, that is reliable and sustainable with affordable prices, every piece of kit is available for you at the right price, you can explore the latest added kit as in the last week MPB have added almost 1015 pieces of kit, that are perfect fit for your passion.

Create With Heart 

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At MPB you can’t only create from camera but from heart as MPB will be taken you there, where you can create something new for you and for this world, that can make this world a better place because MPB isn’t an ordinary place, it is a platform that has something special for everyone and for the people who wants to try something new, wants to create their own world, something that acuminate their skills, raise their passion, something that pursue their passion. You can say it, MPB ignited the spark in the people that are passionate about their aims and want to fulfilling their desires no matter whatever they want to do and whoever they are they can do anything even conquer this world and make it a better place for every now and then. MPB proffers the better price for every piece of kit gleaned from make, model, condition and market, covers an immense selection of camera bodies, lenses, filters and furthermore accessories as MPB is a platform that wants to bring right pricing on right things, that will prove right for you so you will be satisfy and feel that you take a right decision to choose MPB for fulfilling your passion.

Access To The Immense, From A Single Platform

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You can rarely found an online platform that offers used photography and videography equipment in affordable prices as MPB offers the right price for the right person at the right time, as MPB aim to change the way of photography and videography by transforming the view of people where they can buy, sell and trade in photo and video kit in a different way, more easily more conveniently and as well as happily. It is like a destination for the people who are passionate for achieving their goals and choose the passion of photography for pursuing to become successful, whether they have just explored their passion for visual storytelling or they are already a pro, there is no limit at MPB as it offers unlimited everything just for the people who are just impassioned to change this world and want to give a new meaning and a new life to photography. A single platform can do immense work for where you can access to the quality, reliability, pleasure and peace of mind with the quality pieces of used cameras, kits and much more. 

MPB has a purpose where it want to be the leading platform worldwide for the people who love photography or are photographers as well as videographers for trading equipment, just at MPB, they can enjoy their passion and get the fastest and most personalized experience and somewhere it succeeded on his mission as approximately 250,000+ visual storytellers all over the world use MPB to buy used, sell or trade in photo and video kit. The purpose has fulfilled even as MPB wanted to open up the world of visual storytelling in a way that’s good for people and for this world. many people changed this world just by MPB and more are courageous to do this and MPB hopefully trust that they can also be successful with it as MPB always strive to give their best in any way just for his people.