Get Ready to Live Healthy with Freshly Meals and Plans


Are you craving food with nutrition and convenience? Do you want meals to get prepared in minutes? Are you looking for fresh food home delivery at your doorsteps? Do you want to eat delicious food with tons of nutrition?  A NewYork-based ready-to-eat meal delivery service is here with all these attributes that you are looking for. Freshly is here to fulfill your cravings in minutes and is delivering to every corner of the United States. The company was founded by Michael Wystrach and Carter Comstock and is now acquired and owned by Nestle. On average, the company delivers one million meals a week Nationwide. Chef-cooked meals are delivered directly at your doorsteps and you just have to heat them for good three minutes and the meals are ready to eat. Daily the company has a menu of 30+ main courses from which you can select and order according to your tastebuds and mood. The food is definitely sent fresh and is prepared hygienically.  There is a variety of options to choose from. Steaks, pasta, bolognese, sandwiches, chicken, beef, fried, all veggies, cheesy, creamy, sauteed, savory, sweet, spicy, Chinese, homestyle, restaurant-style and what not? You can find every aspect and combination of meals and plans. Each meal can be easily consumed by 1 person and is enough for them. You can order or plan meals for a day or for an entire week. 4-12 meals per week can be ordered through Freshly with prices starting from as low as $8.99 per meal. The more you will order for a week, there are more chances to save money. As it says, the Larger the order, the bigger is the saving. If you find any change in mood and don`t want a certain meal for a day, you can directly change or cancel anytime without any hurdle. The surprising part is that on ordering 6-7 means a week, you can save up to $12 in total. Isn`t it amazing? Moreover, on ordering a meal plan of 8-9 meals a week, you can save up to $20. Furthermore, on ordering 10-11 meals in total for a week, you can save up to $27. Lastly, on a big order of 12 meals per week, you can save big as up to $33. 

Freshly has changed and shaped the lives of millions of people with their meals and plans. Those who are working hard to achieve their goals in fitness and body shaping can get their hands on an exclusive range of gluten-free, protein-only, smart options or purely plant meals free from fats. Customer satisfaction is what matters the most to Freshly and they follow adequate measures to meet the standards it has set by its meals and services. Customers are loyal and couldn`t resist ordering their meals which are delicious, nutritious and convenient all a the same time. Some of the similar stores offer nutrition, some offer hygiene, some offer convenience, Freshly is the onliest store that offers all of these features and qualities altogether. The company strongly believes in empowering humans to eat the right and quality food. It has curtailed monthly bills of customers to half or less with meal plans and monthly subscriptions. Another most interesting part is that you don`t have to wait for the delivery time after ordering like every brand. When you are committed to grabbing a meal from Freshly. It is always on time and freshly cooked. The majority of people who order food or meal plans are busy bees and don`t have much time for preparation and cooking. Life is so organized when you don`t have to clear the aftermath of cooking. Why cook yourself and waste time when you can enjoy chef-cooked food at a better value of money. It is time effective and energy-saving too. The decision that you will never regret making after ordering meals from Freshly. They are scrumptious and tasteful. 

Feel good and delightful knowing that you are eating healthy every day. If you have set a mission of gaining or losing weight, Freshly has a customized diet plan for you that can be customized as per your likes and dislikes. Customer preference matters a lot to Freshly and they take every step to satisfy them with their services. Existing customers love the convenience and taste and find ordering food from it worth it. The company is on a mission to make eating right easy, convenient, hustle-free, time-saving, healthy, hygienic and reliable for everyone. When Freshly says convenience it means it. With an application, you can always change the items from your order, track the deliveries and can ask away anytime 24/7. The customer care service is quick and responsive. Freshly understands the fact that some people are allergic to certain ingredients or extracts. It can prepare meals as per your dietary preference and restrictions. If you want to have Gluten free meals, you can have one. If you are looking forward to soy free food, you can enjoy one. If you are allegic ti dairy products and want lactose free or dairy free, meals; you can surely have one. Freshly is here to cater every individual`s preference, likes, mood and cravings. The company understands that many of us are in the race of achieving some goal when it comes to body weight, shape and profession. If you want less carb food, full of protein food, sodium free food and food which is less in calories, Freshly has it all for you. It is a real game changer and gives people a feeling of relaxation in their busy routine. A cause to eat healthy, tasty and fresh can be completed with Freshly meal plans. The people working at Fresly and planning meals and diet chart are nutritionist who are certified, expert and experienced in the field. They are a pro in balancing health with flavors and taste. Fuel you dietary preference now with personalized diet plan and meals. Choose and go for a subcripion that best suits you. It`s worth it.